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Prepare for Your Infusion

When you come to our infusion center, you receive services designed with your comfort in mind. You can rest easy, knowing you are served by dedicated, caring professionals offering the latest medical treatments. Our comfortable environment is designed to make your time here as pleasant as possible.

We are dedicated to providing you with a safe, caring and comfortable environment. Infusion Center services are customized to meet your individual requirements. That includes your need for cost-effective care. Our services are less costly than hospital- or home-based infusion services.

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Coordinated care with your physician
  • Experienced infusion nurses
  • A safe, relaxing environment
  • Answers to your questions and concerns
  • Appointments that meet your needs
  • Free parking

Coordinated Care
Coordinated care delivers superior results. Our infusion center staff will coordinate closely with your physician to ensure that your response to treatment is reported promptly.

Expert Attention
You can trust that you are in the hands of experts. Our medical director has significant experience with infusion therapy. The Noran Clinic Infusion Center nurses are highly experienced in infusion protocols, including administering infused medications to adults and children.

Our infusion care team is comprised of neurologists, advanced practice providers, RNs and support staff. This multi-disciplinary group assures that appropriate protocols are in place and that patients receive the highest quality in infusion and follow-up services.

Outside Referrals
While many of our infusion patients see a Noran Clinic neurologist, we welcome patients who wish to only receive infusion services. We will work closely with outside physician offices to confirm insurance coverage and keep your physician updated regarding your response to treatment.

Infusion Medications Currently Available
The Noran Clinic Infusion Center is available to infuse a variety of medications for a number of conditions. Current medications include, but are not limited to:

  • Ilumya
  • IVIG
  • Krystexxa
  • Nucala
  • Ocrevus
  • Onpattro
  • Reclast
  • Remicade
  • Rituxan
  • Soliris
  • Solumedrol
  • Tepezza
  • Truxima
  • Tysabri
  • Vyepti
  • Vyvgart
  • Xolair

Some conditions treated at the infusion center include:

  • ITP
  • CIDP
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome
  • Headache/Migraine
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Gout
  • Asthma
  • Thyroid Eye Disease

Comfortable Setting
At the Noran Clinic Infusion Center, we do everything we can to make patients, their families and friends feel at home in our center. We have comfortable reclining infusion chairs to meet individual preferences. We provide a wide range of entertainment options including Tablets, Netflix, CD players and reading materials. You can bring your own entertainment programs or choose from our collection of movies, books and magazines. We also offer beverages and snacks.

Please feel free to call us at 612.879.1684 if you have any questions about our infusion services or have special requests.

Safe Environment
Safety is a primary concern. We perform all infusions according to your doctor's recommendations and preset protocols. This ensures that the rate of infusion and medication is tailored to your specific condition. Safety procedures are in place in case of an adverse reaction to medication, and a Noran Clinic doctor is always on site.

Insurance Coverage
Our staff will assist you with any insurance issues or questions. We will obtain a pre-authorization for services prior to scheduling your appointment.

If you have further questions about insurance coverage, please feel free to call us at 612.879.1684, or contact your insurance provider directly.