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Sleep Studies

Overnight Sleep Study

This study is called a polysomnogram. It is used to help detect a variety of sleep disorders and is often used to find out if someone has a sleep related breathing disorder. Patients check in between 7:00 and 8:30pm. You will be given time to get settled in your private, hotel style room before your sleep technologist comfortably applies sensors to your head and body. You will then be encouraged to sleep for the evening. The following morning's wake time will vary per patient. The data from your sleep study will be evaluated by a sleep physician and discussed with you during your scheduled follow up appointment. A copy of your report will also be sent to your referring doctor.

Nap Study (Multiple Sleep Latency Test, MSLT)

Some patients will be asked to continue their study the following day to see how quickly they fall asleep in quiet situations during the day. They will be asked to attempt to nap for approximately 20 minutes every two hours, over an 8 hour period. An MSLT is the standard way to measure the level of daytime sleepiness. Excessive sleepiness is when someone is sleepy at a time and place where they should be alert (driving, for example).

Lunch will be provided for those staying for an MSLT.

Home Sleep Testing (HST)

A Home Sleep Test (HST) is a modified sleep study that is performed in the comfort of your own home with a portable monitor, and is used for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. An HST is not a substitute for an overnight attended lab test, as it cannot diagnose the majority of sleep disorders, however, your insurance company may require a HST for your initial sleep test.

Sleep Study Forms

All patients of Noran Neurology Sleep Center are asked to complete the following forms prior to the study. Please download and fill out the sleep study forms below.

Sleep Consultation Questionnaire (printable PDF)
Sleep Study Preparation Information (printable PDF)

You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the forms. Click on the icon below to download and install Adobe Reader.