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Refer a Patient to Noran Neurology

To request a consultation from one of the neurologists at Noran Neurology, please download and fill out the Request for Consultation Form below. This form gives us valuable information for your patients upcoming visit.

If you would like the patient to see a specific neurologist, please indicate that on the form and to our scheduling staff so that we can best meet your needs. If you have any special instructions for your patient's visit to Noran Neurology, please ask to speak with the neurologist's nurse or secretary.

Downloadable Referral Form:
Refer a Patient to Noran Neurology - Consultation Form (PDF)

To send copies of medical records for a patient's upcoming appointment, please fax them to 612-879-0722.

Make an Appointment: 612.879.1500

Fax: 612.879.9116

Thank you for your referral. At Noran Neurology, we are committed to providing patients with the highest quality of care.