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Minnesota Headache Center,
a service of Noran Neurology

Nearly everyone suffers from an occasional headache. But for some people, headaches are not just an inconvenience, they are a serious medical condition that can prevent them from doing their jobs, completing household chores or enjoying their families.

Headaches and Triggers
Diagnosing and treating headaches often requires specialty care because headaches can have many causes. Headaches can be triggered by stress, medical conditions and even the foods you eat. The good news is that there are many medical treatment options available to reduce or eliminate headaches.

Expert Care
The Minnesota Headache Center offers a comprehensive approach to headache treatment. We have all the resources in place to make diagnosis and treatment as simple and convenient as possible. Finding effective treatments to minimize headaches takes a partnership between patient and physician and often, with a broader scope of medical professionals.

Our staff of neurologists and allied health professionals have advanced training and years of experience in treating headaches. Our neurologists communicate closely with other healthcare professionals involved in headache treatment.

A Team Approach
Our nurse practitioners and physician assistants, in collaboration with the neurologists, work one-on-one with patients, taking and updating patient history information, performing physical examinations, adjusting treatment, providing education for you and your family and, if needed, finding other medical or community resources.

Education is a critical part of the management of your headaches. It focuses on a customized plan for self care. We have skilled professionals who will guide and coordinate the educational component. A library of resources is available to help you understand the causes of and treatment options for your headaches. We also conduct community classes on headache topics.

When to Seek Medical Help for Your Headache

  • You have frequent, debilitating headaches that interfere with your normal routine
  • You have a sudden onset of a severe headache
  • You are taking pain relievers that are not working
  • Your headache is accompanied by nausea, vomiting or sensitivity to light and sound
  • Your headache is persistent and you previously haven't been troubled by headaches