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Medical Professional Imaging Portal Login

This portal allows referring providers secure access to their patients’ reports and images. If you are a medical professional needing access to this site, please complete our access request form.

Should you need additional assistance, please contact the MDC Imaging Portal Help Line:

Phone: 612.874.2121.
Monday - Friday (8am - 4pm)

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Please note: User access audits are routinely performed to ensure HIPAA compliance.

The MDC Imaging Portal offers two ways to view images:

CLASSIC PACS Webviewer and ADVANCED PACS Webviewer

Both webviewers offer easy to use, interactive image and tool bar navigation. Images can be examined through either viewer directly from your portal page - simply click on the image icon in either the "CLASSIC PACS" column or the "ADVANCED PACS" for your selected patient.


The CLASSIC PACS is a web-based application which supports mobile devices, tablets, Window-based computers, and Apple computers. This version runs within Internet Explorer, so no downloads are necessary. Once you have logged into the portal, find your patient and click on the icon in the "CLASSIC PACS" column to open the selected images in this version of the webviewer.


The ADVANCED PACS is a software-based application which requires a software download to run, and is compatible with Windows and Internet Explorer only. Viewing images within this version offers additional tool bar, hanging protocol, and worklist functionality. In order to utilize this version, you will need to download the appropriate software, which will require computer administrative rights. Once downloaded, future clicks on this icon will automatically open the images in the "ADVANCED PACS" version of the webviewer.
Download Advanced PACS (Xi-View Pro) Thin Client Software here.