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Prepare for Your Facet Injection

A Facet block or Facet joint injection is a procedure in which the radiologist inserts a needle into your lower back, into or adjacent to the facet joint. The facet joints are located in the spine and enable the spine to bend and straighten. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area before needle insertion. A long acting anti-inflammatory medication (called Celestone Soluspan or Depo-Medrol) is mixed with a local anesthetic and inserted through this needle. Your doctor may choose to have the radiologist inject more than one facet joint during your appointment.


  • Do not eat or drink anything for two hours prior to your appointment time
  • This procedure takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete
  • You will need to stay a the clinic for 15-30 minutes after the injection
  • You may drive yourself home

If you have any questions, please ask your doctor who is ordering the procedure or call
612-879-1528 and talk with the radiology nurse.

Facet Injection is only available at MDC Minneapolis.